Corps de Loup Estate

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Le domaine de Corps de Loup, niché à flanc de falaise au pied des vignes

Come and discover an attractive estate, which has been a vineyard since the Romans time. The estate overlooks the Rhône valley on the right bank. The famous and much coveted wines are borne on hard slopes. The vineyards of Condrieu and Côte Rôtie cling to the slopes and resist the mistral wind while contemplating the Rhône river flowing. They have been expressing for almost as long as man can remember the best of a off-standard physical conditions terroir.

At Corps de Loup, we do care a lot for the environment. For instance, the photo-voltaic panels station allows us to provide almost all the electricity we need.

The estate stretches on nearly 9 hectares, almost in a unique block. 3 hectares are already planted, mostly on hillsides with terraces (chaillers) supported by dry stone walls. The exposure is South / South-east at Corps de Loup or above Ampuis in “côte brune”, with a clay soil. The vineyard is expanding every year, depending on the governmental regulations about planting. In 2003 we have created a "conservatoire" for Syrah grape on our estate, in connection with the competent technical services, in order to study and preserve old varieties of serine (former name of Syrah in Côte Rôtie).

Domaine de CORPS DE LOUP
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